Maria collects scrap metals for good reason

Reduce, reuse and recycle, otherwise also known as the three R’s, can just be what you need to tackle hardships nowadays. 

And not just that, it could also be the answer to saving our beautiful environment. 

It surely does work for Maria Iosefa, 63, from the village of Nu’u Fou, who has been collecting scrap metals and irons to earn a living.

Village Voice met Maria and her children at Tuanai’s waste hole, collecting metals and irons.

To her, she has several reasons of doing this job and getting her three boys, in their mid-20s, to join her.

“I am collecting these things (scrap metals) not only to get money but it helps our environment,” Maria said.

“Collecting these things helps our environment because most people will try to burn it but it will just cause more pollution, so why not recycle it or reuse.”

Maria says she has been doing this for a long time and she knows exactly what to do with the metals and irons she collects.

“I will sell them to the place that needs metals and irons for renewable resources. And in return I will be able to provide money for me and my family.

“Not only that, I am also saving our environment at the same time collecting these scrap metals,” Maria added.

Maria Iosefa also said life nowadays was about making and collecting money.

“Life is hard nowadays and I think TV Bingo does not help because it’s taking our money. They should provide real programs that educate the public and give them ideas of how to collect money and not misuse money,” she said. 

“The government should stop wasting money on other stuff but instead use money on programs to educate our people of how to use waste materials to earn money.

“Like recycling and reusing products.” 

Apart from that, she told Village Voice that life in Samoa was great.

“We all know the increase in cost of living these days, but we have nothing to do with it, all we have to do is to pray and wait for miracle from the God.

“Or maybe the government could help us someday in lowering the high cost of living so that it could make life more affordable for the people,” Maria said.

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