Dreams and fantasy

Far over

The misty mountains call

Through dungeons deep

And caverns old


We lost the way

 We searched for days

To find a long

Forgotten gold


The pines were roaring

On the height

The winds were mourning

In the night


The fire was red

It flaming spread

The trees like torture

Blazed with lies


We saw the truth

And wandered to our home

With tearful smiles

Our hopes were shown


We live and love

We have enough

Our hearts are gladdened

Now we’re found


Everyone who has ever lived had dreams and fantasies; both for their future and in their minds at night.  Some dreams and fantasies consist of fantastical creature and people, journeys and adventures filled with valor alongside many wonders.  Most often dreams for the future mainly focus on bettering yourself and your life, etc.  But why am I telling you all this?  Well, it’s because in today’s world dreams and fantasies are often mixed up and more often exaggerated.

I’ve noticed that many of the people my age today say they want to find a job that they love, will keep until they retire, makes a heaping load of money, and allows them a lot of free time.  I simply thought they were only joking and playing around, dreaming of the perfect job that would help create the perfect life, but then I thought more seriously and realized that if they go around with that mentality to school and such, they might not succeed if they are set on that certain path.  They would have a better chance of success if they set their dreams and goals on working hard and doing what’s right for them.

Don’t get me wrong; if people want to do that and it’s what they want then go ahead, but in my opinion they need to think of realistic and possible goals.

I’d like to call myself a dreamer simply because it’s what I do a lot.  I see a thing I want to do and I begin thinking and brainstorming ways I can do that.  I fantasize about many things and I often shoot them down on my own because I have learnt to think what is doable and what is not.

Remember that this is only my opinion towards desires and dreams so don’t think I’m trying to tell you not to follow them.  It’s good to have dreams, it’s better to have doable dreams.

But what if a certain dream is something you really want but you know that you might not be able to achieve it; what then?  Trust me, I have thought of this question for as long as I can remember.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a famous pianist and singer.  The reason why was because I loved music.  I wanted to share my love and talent for music with the world because I knew it was something I loved, could make me a lot of money, and if I was careful and wise I could continue that until I retired.

Today I want to become a welder and metal worker.  It is the major I have based my future college experience on.  It is something I love, know will make me a lot of money, and is something I can use even after I retire.  But I still dream of becoming a pianist and singer; it’s just put on hold until the moment is right.

So continue to dream those dreams, live life with the purpose to fulfill them, and remember that it’s always good to have dreams, even if they are a little crazy.

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