It’s time for some progressive ideas

Dear Editor,


I find this absolutely astonishing. How is it a member of Cabinet can resign from Parliament, but yet he was hand selected by the P.M to represent Samoa at international forums?

If a Parliament member resigns his/her post due to failure to perform, or under suspicious manners, does the P.M have any responsibility to the country to ensure that this person "Is Not" representing the interest of its people in any forum? Domestic or Foreign.

What this man have that perhaps the P.M. is afraid of?

All I know from this side of the world is that this P.M and his party have ran the country for thirty years and it seems it is stuck in the dark ages. 

You add some traffic lights and add some new buildings as dress up, but people are still suffering and struggling to obtain basic living essentials.

Perhaps new faces and new ideas are required to move Samoa forward. 

Maybe new leadership with progressive ideas can take Samoa to a better future. It is time for this P.M to step down and allow new ideas to prosper. 

If you claim that our people are not starving because they refuse to work the land, then its time to stop asking foreigners to fund and build new buildings, and let our people build it. 

Allow our people the opportunity to design and build their vision of our great nation. Manuia Samoa.


T. Samatua

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