Public keep the faith in Samoa Airways

12 November 2018, 12:00AM

National airline Samoa Airways is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month. Our reporter Yolanda Lavata’i talked to members of the public to get their views on the performance of the airline and its services.

Arleen Tuilimu, Motootua, 21

“For an airline that has only one plane operating I think Samoa Airways is doing a pretty good job. Of course there were delays and technical difficulties but that is to be expected. I personally take Samoa Airways because they were a lot cheaper and because the people are Samoan. I just feel comfortable being serviced by people who understand me and share the same cultural values as I do.”


Rhonda Ulberg, Tulaele, 20

“Virgin Blue, Air New Zealand and Fiji Airlines are all very accommodating but the difference between them and Samoa Airways is the services. Samoa Airways are always smiling and hospitable when it comes to the passengers. For a Samoan that isn’t something you see often with the other airline services. I reckon Samoa Airways just needs a chance to prove that they have what it takes, to be like the other flashy airlines.”


Levaula Levaula, Lepea, 29

“Basically Samoa Airways services are really good.  They treat people with so much respect in comparison to other airlines. Before when Polynesian Airline existed, it did not have that back in the days. But now with Samoa Airways the culture has been brought back. From what I know, once people experience that Samoan hospitality on Samoa Airways they will want to continue to fly with them.“


Veolaha Sopu, Vailele, 20

“Normally I would go on Air New Zealand but since I have travelled through Samoa Airways, I have been impressed with how well they service people. I just feel so comfortable being serviced by other Samoans because they understand me better, and passengers’ needs in comparison to other airlines. Samoa Airways offers affordable prices and because they only have one plane the flights are usually full. I personally think the Government should still invest in Samoa Airways because I can tell they have so much potential.”


Ake Moleli, Savaia, 53

“My family always travels through Samoa Airways because the flights are very affordable, especially during the holidays which allow me to see them more often. Sure the plane needs some upgrading but that can be done over time, as revenue grows but in the meantime my family will continue to travel through Samoa Airways.”


Monalisa Matau, Faleula, 24

“I have been on Samoa Airways a couple of times and the only problem about the plane is that the seats are very small, there aren’t any TV screens like Air New Zealand and the air conditioning is not always cool. However, the best thing about Samoa Airways is their impeccable service.”

12 November 2018, 12:00AM

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