“Bank in NZ money laundering scandal”

Dear Sir,

The information in the article written by Sapeer Mayron, “Bank in NZ money laundering scandal” once again remind us the people of Samoa of the sufferings we have from NZ.

The Central Bank of New Zealand is run by a bunch of prejudicial and racist people. 

I do not see anything wrong for a New Zealand company like CBL Insurance to invest $30 million tala in the National Bank of Samoa. Layering? Bul...

The NZ Government should encourage NZ capital to be invested under a special regime in Samoa and in island countries. And that investment regiment is long overdue. During the early 80s, Samoans living in NZ were subjected to a Stalin type system in the remittance of monies to families in Samoa. And most of these remittance went to buy NZ goods and services. The same results could be attributed to the CBL Insurance deposit at the National Bank of Samoa.


Just a timely reminder: the export revenue of the Crown Estate of Western Samoa later WESTEC was used to pay the war cost for NZ in World War 1 under a special regime.

And a thought: this case shows up why the Chinese capital is taking over in Apia and it won’t be long when the Chinese Central Bank—via commercial entities and goods and services—replace NZ interests in Samoa.

As for mentioning of Mr A Hutchinson name in the article, I don’t see the link. He is not the accountant in the CBL Insurance and in the NBS. He is one of the director of these institutions. 

I have tremendous respect for this man. He could issue proceedings against wicked individuals for slander and that is why I read Mayron’s article with a question mark. What does Mr Hutchinson got to do with the price of the fish as the saying goes?


Tuiumi Aiono

Samoa Observer

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