Truth about Samoa and what’s happening in the world

Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. stands firm in village dispute 

Sad to say but there is a government within a government that’s in control of Samoa now. It’s the “hidden hand” shadowy government that dictates Samoa’s policies. When you graduated from the 3rd world status to the 2nd world status, it comes with responsibility.

The bankers didn’t invest all that money just to squander it away. This was never taught in school and will never be revealed to the public to know. It’s a very subtle way of transforming a sovereign nation to a nation that is indirectly controlled by other entities.

We can still have the formal governing body with a P.M. but he doesn’t necessarily call the shots in most important matters anymore. It’s like a business that went through what you call a “hostile take over.” The new owners that just come in and buy your business out, will leave the name of your business like nothing happened but with the new contract, everything is changed.

The world is run by the mob, the Mafia. The international banking institutions are all behind this injustice in raping the wealth of all nations under the guise of helping the poor nations developed. 

I say it now and I’ll say it again. “Nothing in this world works the way we think it does.” If you are interested in reading, get the book called “The Confession Of An Economic Hitman.” It is a very fascinating book that reveals the workings of these bankers. All that is happening in Samoa are all the workings of the government. There’s so many agencies that are independent from our govt that employs our very own people under the false pretense in helping our people, and to make it legitimate, and no one is questioning why are they doing all these nonsenses.

And this is no conspiracy theory, I have done a lot of research and the more you investigate, the more you know about a lot of hidden things that appear normal but they’re not.

For those who have “eyes to see, but cannot see, ears to hear but cannot hear...” This world is a dog eat dog world, so long as you crawl on your knees to your churches for forgiveness and asking the “God of money” for help and nothing appears to change. Why?

Because we’ve been mislead for so long by the very people that brought Christianity to Samoa , laying the ground work for the domination of our country and the world.

The real Christians were Gnostic Christians. Go back in history and do research on it and you will understand what I’m talking about. The council of Nicea in 325 created the story as we know  today. You have never heard a Samoan touching this subject because it’s uncomfortable for many to go there, I’ll accept going to hell if there’s one, but I will not subject my conscious to no Theologian or a scribe that tainted the scriptures by adding their own version to twist a beautiful narrative that was once dedicated to the workings of the Divine Presence of the Universe as some people call God.

I will not hesitate to expose the three Abrahamic Religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are nothing more than a cult or a group of gangsters vying for world power.

What makes you think is the reason why there’s chaos all over the world? The mass murdering of innocent people by Islam, and the Christians did their fair share during the Crusades and the inquisition.

The Jews with their monopoly of the wealth of the earth through their banking scheme; creating world suffering, using money as a weapon to bring down nations around the world if they don’t accept “usury” high interest rates as requested.

Using deflation and inflation as means of controlling the world monetary system. So where does Religion fit in this predicament? It’s all about that counterfeit called money. The same people that gave us our religion, money and politics are the same ones that are responsible for all this madness. God is in all of us. 

It is hardwired in our system to know what’s right and what’s wrong, our “true north.” You don’t have to go through a church or a religion by paying dues to them so that they can tell you what you’ve already known.

Why am I going to this extent to make my point?  It’s because I want you my dear Samoans to use the Christ within yourself to think and use logic to call on things as they appear to be. The old African saying. “Man, know thyself.” It is of what it is. Knowledge is power and the scriptures says that “ My people are perished because they lack knowledge and understanding.” 


I’m quoting from the bible because it was written by the great philosophers who some of them were great astrologers of antiquity. And that brings us back to what is happening at Sogi. The ones gutting up Samoa are the Bankers and investors like I said before; they are the ones dictating the agenda that the govt. must follow. Just like the customary land issue.

We are not in control anymore. We are in the mercy of these financial institutions. Samoa, open your eyes to see what’s going on behind the scenes. We can pray and pray until you are blue in the face and with no help that is coming, because you’ve been hooked lined and sinkered by these devils while they continue on with their assault on the human race.

Then they tell us to wait till the judgment day so that we will be judged accordingly, and if you are a good servant, you will inherit the kingdom of God.

This is the system of control that these people prey on, our ignorance to further their hidden agenda on us. There is no one coming to save you but for you to save yourself by going off the same old mentality that you’ve been told, but use the metaphor of the story of Jesus as a spiritual and intellectual enlightenment not in literal sense but literarily to gain knowledge and understanding.

And with that, I’ll leave it up to you for your own take on the subject matter.

I hope I am wrong, but my research points directly to the crux of our problem today. With great love to the homeland and to our people as well as our ancestors that paved the way for us to live on this beautiful paradise called home; it’s up to us to stand up for justice or let it slip away from our hands due to our lack of knowledge of who we are in the first place.

This might be the end of my contribution to this paper. I don’t have anymore to offer. Soifua.

Leituala Roger B

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