What happens when there’s too much power

Dear Editor,

Such a sad story for both prominent careers. 

Too much power can wreak havoc to a leader’s head. The only way to stop abuse of power is to have checks and balances, whether that is a spouse who says, “you’re being too hard on the kids” or the higher up (Minister/Prime Minister) telling our Police commissioner he needs a reality check, this is not tyrant ville. 

A good person can abuse power if they are unaware of the negative effects of their decisions. This is why it is dangerous for any organization with an abuse of leadership to be surrounded only by people who agree with everything that is said and done, not to question logic reasoning from what is right from wrong. Usually the first order of business for tyrants is to remove, imprison or kill anyone who opposes their point of view. 

For the health of this particular abuser of power, there needs to be some associates, friends or employees involved who are strong enough to challenge the person or group when he steers away from ethical behaviour. 

To not be corrupted by power, you have to be strong enough to know that “you don’t know it all” and can’t feel easily intimidated with equally strong-willed people whether they are a business associate, a spouse or a best friend, in this case the prosecutor who was just doing her job. 

You humbly know right from wrong and have respect for others, without these basic principles, do not expect anything good from that leader. He will abuse power when given as he does not see it as wrong. 

Once again our country is in dire need of Checks and Balances to get some people off their White Horse.

Soia Malo

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