In response to “when evil flourishes in a Christian state”

Dear Editor,

Talofa Mata’afa, thank you for sharing your friend John’s letter and even though I wish very much to ask where in the world he is, perhaps that is not relevant. 

What’s relevant though is the need for each and every one of us to address the issue from our individual standing position. You know, like how President Lincoln’s wished of his countrymen to ‘ask not what their Nation can do for them but rather what they can do for their Nation’.

Now if you may, allow me to start my sharing here from our Government Leaders as I am sadden to note your ‘pointing figure’ is somehow heavily pointed on that direction. I wish to commend them –and I mean the current Parliament seating, for they had done their part already. By agreeing with Honorable Mr. Prime Minster and his bold decision to correct the limited outcome of the Commission of Enquiry where mandate to review the Constitution with regards ‘Christianity notion’ 2010. 

Then on to church leaders, wonder whether you can imagine poor Christ Mystical Body all divided in pieces due to your ‘many and very sad to note ‘divided’ churches’? Now, say you can, then perhaps my next question is ‘do you want to do something about it or are you rather hold on to that comfort zone you had your-selves in -which is most definitely NOT of God’s? 

Anyhow, say you agree and wish to do something about it then I wonder whether you are interested to look at where Mr. Prime Minster and his Parliamentary group had fallen short with their initiative mention above? Now say you still need direction, then perhaps you may wish to start by following the Parliamentarians ‘10% representative of Women voice in Parliament Bill’ recently. And try set out a unanimous understanding with regards paying the Mother of Christ -you know the forever Virgin Mary, her ‘rightful honor’ so wished by God? For even though it is included in that Nicene Creed you always pray out loud  but somehow it does stands silence, don’t you agree?

Of course the Village matai have to step up themselves. And if I can get back to this one later, as I just need to quickly make mention that ‘and so as all the ‘fathers’ and ‘mothers’ whether you are in knowingly or un-knowingly, for we are freely and equally given a ‘moral duty’ resolving it,’ so we can get to that perfect situation wished by Mata’afa’s friend John, where ever in the world that perfect place he now resides.

But then again that should not be our problem, right? Ours is to believe in ourselves that we are blessed with our birth place being Samoa and our Samoan way of life enshrine with Love and Respect as compare to the outside world. Then carry out our duty with genuine heart no matter how big or small that task may be. Most certainly, sooner or later our current ‘evil flourishing’ situation should be vanished as Christ already nailed that ‘evil fella’ to his Cross at Calvary.

Anyhow back to the Village matai notion, now tell me how could we lead our way out if we have the much confusing notion widely shared by few matai’s in the paper recently, (stating their names is a good start though) in the likes of Nanai, le susuga Malonuu ia poo lau Afioga Lealaiauloto –Tulouna lo outou Falefitu o le Aiga Tauaana ma la outou Tama, Nofoaiga -to name one with his piece ‘Church, Bible, authority and moral duty’ SO issue 21/07/2018. 

I wonder how much Nofoaiga value ‘God’s manna/name’ being shared on to him via the various Matai title’s I see his family bestowed on him. Same wondering notion goes onto our friend Keni let alone his friend John for we don’t know whether his family had honored him with a Matai title or not? 

So far all we know ‘he is a father’, by his name John? Didn’t mention ‘any children’ or ‘wives’ or he could even be a ‘Fa’afafine’ though. One thing for sure though he does have the heart to perfected our ‘evil flourishing’ situation and I for one can only state my glad ness for certainly and assuredly we can talk our way out should we all have that ‘light’, i.e. Jesus Christ, God the Son, the 2nd Personification of God whom had born of the Virgin Mary, within us.

Then no matter how much ‘fragmented’ his Mystical Body had becoming because of all these much division witnessed amongst our Reverend/Pastor Ship situation nationwide, don’t you lose hope for HE sure had all the confident in you/us –His created image, that we can do something towards it should we call onto Him whom is willingly await to help when we relied 100% on HIM.

Have confident that He had promised to be with us until the end times. And He had remained faithful with it, in His established Church –as Nanai Malonuu Lealaiauloto rightly pointed out in his concern piece mentioned above, feeding us with His Word and His Body and Blood as our Spiritual food ever since. 

Until next time we meet again

Atalii fanau le ‘au o le Talalelei.


Leo’o Fonoti M.M.M.M.P.

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