Saturday afternoon vehicle smash

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 26 May 2018, 12:00AM

Two cars collided on Cross Island Cross Road in Vailima around 12.55 p.m. yesterday resulting in injuries.

Eyewitnesses say a woman in a white sedan was travelling up the hill and may have been trying to overtake another vehicle when she collided with an oncoming black vehicle, which was being driven by another woman who had backseat passengers.

According to an eyewitness, the crash caused the white car to spin 180 degrees in the opposite direction before it came to an absolute stop in front of a shop next to Rays Taxi Stand.

The loud crash and car alarms alerted the surrounding residents in the vicinity to rush out. The collision of the two cars was heard by guests at the Manumea Hotel approximately just a few meters from the crash site. One guest said she did not witness the crash as it occurred but the loud sound was enough to alert her to call an ambulance immediately. 

According to a family member of the passengers in the black vehicle, the vehicle was driven by a woman with her children in the back seat and he arrived there just as they were being transported to the hospital.

A video of what ensued shortly after the crash was given to the Sunday Samoan by a male eye witness who works at the shop where the crash occurred.

The footage showed some of the men rushing to assist the woman in the white car, who appeared to be semi-unconscious and bleeding from a head injury most likely sustained when the frontal air bags deployed.

According to the footage, the woman was carried out by the men who laid the injured passenger on the grass. Another man was seen rushing over to caution the men from further moving the crash victim. He then proceeds to give instructions on stabilising the woman by putting her in the recovery position.

The footage showed the passengers in the black vehicle appeared to be standing unhurt outside of the vehicle, which was pulled over to the side of the road.

Both cars frontal airbags deployed at the time of the crash.

Police at the scene declined to comment.

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 26 May 2018, 12:00AM

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