Why Trump is the man for now

Dear Editor,

Re: Rallying cry of millions 

It is laughable to me when people take few words or actions to condemn someone. It amazes me that people on both side accuses the other of being inhumane if they do not agreed with their view. I am an open-minded person. I will listen to both side and I believe in making my own decision.

Your Feminism on backs of blacks is totally wrong. The Feminism movement started centuries before. It may not have been called “Feminism” but it had all the same principles. Check your bible.

All Donald Trump said during his campaign is: I want to build a wall along our borders and make anyone who wants to enter the country to follow the law of entering. 

Each immigrant must register and follow the immigration law. All other country demand the same. America is still the youngest civilized industrial country in the world. All other nations have established its borders for centuries. Not once did he say I want to keep people out because I don’t like them or their kind. 

He also clearly stated that he wants to vet all Muslim refugees before allowing them to enter the country. It’s the way to keep terrorist from entering the country. I think its a reasonable request/act.

With regards to his so-called comments that was secretly recorded about women. I don’t know of any man that do not have those thoughts or even said it to a friend when they were at certain age or environment. 

My wife and her girl friends have the same conversations at times. But neither of us nor my friends have acted on those words. “Action speaks louder than words” According to all the records, he never acted on them.

Donald Trump is much needed at this time of the world in my own personal view. America have ignored its suffering and unfortunate citizens for far too long. They can’t find decent paying jobs to support their families while the cost of living escalates each year. He is looking at taking care of its people first. I equate that to our individual family and situations. 

I can’t help my families if I am not working. As the flight attendant always reminds us before take off when it comes to safety. Always put your mask on first before you put one on your child or others. You can not help anyone in the plane if you’re dead.

Everyone that voted for Trump didn’t care about his personal behavior. They wanted someone who can help change their own struggle/luck. Some parents voted for him to ensure their children will have jobs after High School. The recent narrative on America is everybody should have a College Degree. A janitor needs a college degree to sweep? Is that attainable? My humble opinion (since I’m writing this) is NO. People are so enamel with few negative words he spewed. But they failed to comprehend the full message.

People just got tired of broken promises and the establishment. I also believed that if there was another woman besides Hillary that ran against Trump, I am 99% confident that Trump wouldn’t be the president of the United States Of America. Elizabeth Warren could’ve been the president had she ran. But she respected Hillary and thought Hillary was a shoe in for the presidency.

I believe by the time Trump will bring prosperous life to all Americans again soon. What he’s done so far since he took office reflects his willingness to change direction of the country. The TPP he just rescind will help Samoa to be prosperous too. 

Australia, China, Japan and the South Pacific will better serve without the U.S as partner.

Bottom line is, this is Democracy. We vote for someone to represent and fight for our beliefs. Win or lose, each side must respect the process. Our own P.M have failed to deliver on some of his promises for so many years, but the HRPP continues to win every elections. Our small Island Nation accepts it and we move forward. We don’t agree with it, but we respect it.


T. Samatua Leone 

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