A deeper look into your eyes

By Samoa Observer 18 January 2016, 12:00AM

By Lumepa Apelu


Do you look at us and wonder, what our bodily exercises do, the run up the hill, the saving of money for bread, and the taste of what happiness really is? 

There is so much buzz that our telephones are filled with inspirations from everywhere around us, keeping us focused on growth or the lack thereof. 

But why are we as a modern society, degrading, despite the rise in intelligence so to speak? 

I often listen to the running of creeks, the silence of mountains, the noiseless flapping of butterfly wings to seek my own answers from the universe. When I find something worthy to tell, I write it down, to make sense of my thoughts. 

My personal take on spirituality is that one has to come from a deep place in hell to know it well. And to the God we believe in, I find the journey towards him while in pain without him, is better than anything. For in such a pain, I find that I am as you, a beautiful thing. 

But look at the world. Seems the whole of us is cut, by some knife we each choose from one side of the earth to the other. By race, by religion, by political party, by nation high or low, by systematic governance, by species, by separation, we are made to live departed all the while. 

The pride we hold up high needs to be dismantled, no? For all our identities will someday grow old and vanish. Yet, if we tore down our walls of beliefs, we would arrive at our oneness, our togetherness, our tranquil existence as spiritual beings. We would find the humor in politics, the smile in poverty and the joke in war. We would gather up the soil and make flowers bloom from our fingers, with the sun shining through our eyes. 

We would know deep inside that all these things we work up against are part of us too. For a bird cannot be really free without a cage. The agony of our souls is made up by the disparaging ways of how our lives are managed from within.

So to taste the teeth of happiness, these days, we have to begin looking from inside first. We are as a modern people, a lost herd of sheep fading in the distance. So when the sun sets today, remember your kindness more than anything. Take it with you, keep it safe in your pockets and give to life generously. The more of us who are superbly positive, the more this life is healed from its ruinous agony. 

By Samoa Observer 18 January 2016, 12:00AM

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