P.M. denies receiving petition, ghost letters

By Lanuola Tupufia-Ah Tong 27 November 2016, 12:00AM

The new Minister of Police, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, is baffled by the number of ghost letters floating around in the media about the Police.

In fact, the Minister who is also the Prime Minister has denied receiving a copy of a petition from senior Police officers calling for the removal of Police Commissioner, Fuiavailiili Egon Keil. 

Speaking to the Sunday Samoan, Tuilaepa who returned from a trip to Morocco on Wednesday night; said he has only heard about the so-called petition as well as the ghost letters.

“There is no letter,” Tuilaepa said.

Told that all the letters – including the petition – are addressed to him, the former Minister of Police, Sala Fata Pinati and his Cabinet, Tuilaepa said it is not unusual for disgruntled officers to do that.

 “That is how people are,” he said. 

“I think they take their cue more from the Samoa Observer. It’s addressed to me but I have not received it.”

The denial from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Police comes as another unsigned letter written by someone who identified himself/herself as a “Police officer who is concerned about the corruption/politics within the Samoa Police force” arrived.

The letter, which does not have a date, is addressed to Prime Minister Tuilaepa, former Acting Prime Minister, Tuitama Dr. Leao Tuitama, former Minister of Police, Sala Fata Pinati and the Ombudsman Maiava Iulai Toma.

 The letter was dropped off at the Samoa Observer office at Vaitele. 

It is published below in full:

To Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi (Prime Minister)To Dr Leao Tuitama (Acting Prime Minister)To Sala Fata Pinati (Minister of Police)To Maiava Iulai Toma (Ombudsman)

Subject: Urgent Revelation before a next unlawful arrest takes place?With so much commotion regarding the Police saga, I can no longer stay silence regarding the internal corruption that has taken its toll within the Police force. What was witnessed on Monday 14th November at the Police headquarters has strengthened me to speak out.As a Police Officer holding a Non Commissioned rank I am truly disappointed and disgusted about what is now happening within the Ministry of Police. Since the arrest of the Police Commissioner, so much has been shared and discussed amongst our own staff level. So much is said that much of what has been hidden is now finding its way out to the public.This is my own conclusion after sharing of information among my own level of Non Commissioned Officers and few junior officers.

A. It has become clear that the person who was in charge with the second Police Commissioner's investigation was a Police Inspector. This police inspector instigated the charges, which led up to the incident that occurred on the 14th of November. This inspector had allegations against him, which was dealt with by the Police Commissioner before he was suspended. This has become a personal issue between the Police Inspector and the Police Commissioner. This is the same officer who led the arresting of the Police Commissioner at his office.

Felony of this young police officer

He was charged by the Police Commissioner for breach of Police Regulation and PoliceService Act before the Police Commissioner was suspended. The outcome of his case was stuck somewhere till now between the moon and the sun since the PoliceCommissioner was suspended for his first case.This Police Inspector was also transferred by the Police Commissioner to another section due to poor performance issues.This same Police Inspector had an argument with the Police Commissioner at AfegaPolice Post this year in the presence of the Police Minister, Assistant Commissioners and all Police Officers at Afega Police Post. His misbehaviour and breach of ethics showed his lack of respect for the Commissioner and authority. A staff meeting was called immediately to resolve this issue between him and the Police Commissioner.

This Police Inspector led a group of Police officers with an appointment to Government officials to stop the Police Promotion, which was approved by the Police Commissioner and the Minister. This led to the cancellation of the promotion instantly. He himself took this ill action, given that he was not selected for any promotion due the panel members results. This officer has no respect or care for the Minster who also approved this promotion.This Police Inspector was also involved with other criminal investigation a few years ago.He is also the same person who also wrote a “No confidence letter” on behalf of the Senior Management without consulting them. He literally fooled the senior management by only giving them the second page to sign without revealing the content in the first page. He misleads them by explaining to them different information to convince them to sign. You will confirm this information when you interview all the senior management officers.

A. The 2nd Police Officer who was also assisted the above mentioned in the arrest of the PoliceCommissioner was a Sergeant who has also breached the following allegation and was sentence by the Police Commissioner this year.

He was sentence for breach of Police Service Act by negligent on performance of his duty and was demoted from the rank of Senior Sergeant to the rank of Sergeant.

A. The 3rd Police Officer who also assisted in the arrest of the Police Commissioner was a Police Corporal who also breached the following allegation and was also handled by the Police Commissioner this year.

Felony of this police officerHe was suspended by the Police Commissioner this year for being armed with a firearm in front of one of the Night Club in town. He was charged with being armed and assault charges at the Court this year. This case is now with the National Prosecution Office yet still no outcome and the NPO is still silent about this case. Who is protecting him? He is now reinstated back to work by the Acting Assistant Commissioner when the Police Commissioner was suspended.He was also investigated for using a fire arm while on duty to shoot one of the vehicle which was chased by the Police at Alafua. The investigation is with the NPO for their legal opinion and still no outcome. Who is delaying this case? He is now back to work yet this investigation is still pending with no results.He was also a suspect for injuring one police officer who chased a criminal when he fired his firearm. This investigation also has no results. Who is protecting him during this investigation?He was labelled in the Ombudsman report in X or Y, “In the case of the other two officers they were invited back for a second interview to be told of the contradicting evidence that had been collected and, in the spirit of natural justice and fairness, given the opportunity to review their original statements. In both cases they chose to confirm their original evidence and consequently the Ombudsman will be referring these cases to the Director of Public Prosecutions for consideration of a charge of perjury”. “Finding 5: The actions of the Officers X and Y in drawing their weapons was contrary to the Use of Force Policy and their failure to inform the complainant of his legal rights or reason for arrest contrary to the Police Powers Act 2007”. Who is protecting him and this report was the starting point of what is going on now?He assaulted a Police officer who supported the Police Commissioner on Monday morning but no investigation was ordered for him. He was freed on Monday without charges against him. They charged a Police officer who used insulting words during the Police Commissioner's arrest and disregarded the assault charges against this officer which is more serious than what this junior constable did.

A. The 4th Police Officer was a Senior Constable who was also breached the following allegations and was sentenced by the Police Commissioner this year.He was convicted and sentence by the Police Commissioner of Police for breach ofPolice Regulation and gives him a final warning.

All these 4 Police Officers were assigned to the General Policing Duties who serve Police posts in town area and deal with minor investigations which raised the following concerns:Why have the executive choose these Police Officers who have issues with the Police Commissioner which l have highlight above. These Police Officers have personal issue with the Police Commissioner because of their cases.Why this investigation was not lead by an Assistant Commissioner or a Superintend since this investigation was against the top Police Officer within the force and follow the proper and clean process.Why this investigation was not handled by the Criminal Investigation Division who have the knowledge and the experience with those types of cases compared to what the General Policing roles and duties.Why this investigation was not handled by the Professional Standard Unit like one of the Assistant Commissioner's investigation this year that was lead by another Assistant Commissioner and was followed through a proper channel but no result.Why you choose these 4 Police Officers from the General Policing who have limited and inadequate knowledge and skill compare to the Criminal investigation Division Officers.

Why this investigation was not handled by any Superintend who is neutral and therefore avoid any biasness to this case.Should this type of set up for any investigation be practiced at all give the 4 officers bad intentions against the Police Commissioner.Why this Police Inspector is so powerful in accordance to his action. All his action mention above was totally not aligned with all Police law and proper procedures of performing police duties. Who gives him this power?We have a lot of outstanding warrants of arrest that we need to execute but why these Police officers spend so much energy to stop this new Police Commissioner who has done an outstanding job within a short period of time compared to a lot of problems that Police have before his appointment.These Police Officers called an Operation on Sunday for all Police Officers at all Police Outpost to come on Police HQ to assist with the arrest of the Police Commissioner. 

Very powerful and why?The action of these Police Officers l think goes against all the Government ethics and morals laid out for any police officer.

According to what we discussed with my police, friends, there are 2 separated new cases that these assigned Police Officers were appointed to investigate.

1. The first case was handled by the Professional Standard and was removed by the instruction of Acting Commissioner and referred to the above mention Police Officers for investigation.The PSU have insufficient evidence before this file was removed from them. But these PoliceOfficers use their own police tactic and their police technique to obtain their second statements from these same witnesses in order to full-filled their assigned task by the higher authority. Which statements are the truths if we compare these Z statements from these two different investigations in one matter? What are their promises to these witnesses if they change their statements?

2. The second investigation was the complaint from the 3rd Police Officer who I mention before that has 4 different cases against him of using firearm. He was suspended to await a court case and reinstated by the Acting Assistant Police Commissioner to form up a new case against the Police Commissioner.This new investigation was initiated AS a plan “B” by these Police Officers and others from inside and outside, in case the Police Commissioner wins the first case. The first case was a similar process with the second investigation in which NPO uses a Police Officer who was temporarily attached there as Case officer to do the investigation. Any officer at this stage would have limited knowledge and skills in terms of investigation experience and it was reflect with the outcome of the first case against the Commissioner.The saga goes further and eventually police officers are now digging up old cases and outdated information to form charges against the Police Commissioner. Any old case is now converted to become a crime in orders to stop the Police Commissioner. They are now worried because of what they did to the Police Commissioner in the first case.I was reading a newspaper which mentioned that these cases were followed on proper procedures. But what I have highlighted above can show us that this case was not following proper procedures. I think this is the same procedures they used for the Commissioners first case and we all know the outcome. These Police Officers can do this investigation to look like a proper procedure but at the end they have insufficient evidence to prove their charges. They try their best to drag the Police Commissioner from coming back till his contract is over. It is another way to stop the Police Commissioner to perform his duties which might affect themselves.Truly these Police officers are still not happy about the amendment of the law to open the Police Commissioner position outside to other Police Officers who serves other countries to apply. If they are against the new amended of our law, they are against the government. If they can unlawfully arrest their own Boss, who is next? A member of parliament or another CEO or a police officer or others.My conclusion is Samoa, the felony that is going on in the force is disheartening. The work of 4 inadequate, unskilled officers above supported by executive members and Superintendents and Inspectors needs to stop. These officers need to be suspended actually terminated as they are ruthlessly damaging our laws and causing a storm for their own pettiness and ill behaviours.While we are being hypnotised to believe that the Commissioner is at fault, we are not told of the truth of why these officers hate the Commissioner. Simply put they are caught out and their wrong doings are held against them which is the only reason why they would go this far as to embarrass the Commissioner and ruin the Ministry of Police reputation.Samoa is also now seeing that the Senior Management Police Officers have no confidence in their own leadership. With all that has happened there is no support and firm togetherness amongst the senior members of police, and because of this the division between staff members has begun.I know that the Police Commissioner is a good man, he has tried in many ways to change the system to safe guard the staff and community. The new system implemented by the Police Commissioner has also helped the Ministry to obtain a $5,000.00 a week revenue from police reports compared to many years ago.I have also come to say that for the first time ever, Samoa is clearly in a stage where we are winning war against drug dealers and growers and the gun raids that has recently taken place. Is this clearly not enough to justify hard work and efforts to keep our Samoa safe?

God Bless Samoa Police,Police Officer who is concerned about the corruption politics within the Samoa police force.

By Lanuola Tupufia-Ah Tong 27 November 2016, 12:00AM

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