The issue of competition in Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Hypocrisy at its best 

There is absolutely no competing with a Chinese business in Samoa. 

Samoans do not have the financial backing and support Chinese business receive from China and from Tuilaepa’s Government. 

The Chinese control both the Wholesale and Retail markets in Samoa. Cheap merchandize and food items, often rejects from China’s global market trades, are shipped to places like Samoa, often at very minimal import duties or none at all, for the clueless and impoverished Samoan consumer. 

The oiled plan of action, which involves investors in China and even in the Samoan Government, is to force all competition out of the way, by hook or by crook.

Samoan retailers have no leg to stand on, they cannot win in a competition where the Chinese a owns the wholesale company the Samoan retailer buys from, as well as retail stores throughout the island. Is it any wonder small Mom and Pop stores, which once dotted Samoas countryside, are either boarded up or owned and operated by a Chinese retailer, at present? Only a fool will insist on pursuing a losing proposition of this sort. A ea?

Land and Ocean is Samoa’s wealth. Save our Customary Lands from HRPPs, Land Title Registration Act 2008 (LTRA2008) and our environments from foreign exploitation and all will be well. Samoa mo Samoa is still the only sustainable and viable business solution, people. This the freedom intended and envisioned by our Samoan forefathers, heroes who sacrificed much, even their lives, so all generations of Samoa can live happy and free, in their own country without yokes of slavery from oppressive dictators and their foreign cohorts.

China have huge land masses and populations to support businesses for these Chinese, why come to Samoa? 

Or Might China have covert objectives for Samoa and the rest of the Pacific Basin, hence the shift in their geopolitical focus and paradigm? 

Ae a, ai o le mea lena ua naunau ai e o mai i Samoa. Tatou mataala Samoa, aua o faleoloa o Saiga i le aso, ae o strategic military bases and ocean mining bases of operations, tomorrow. Soifua.


Asipau McMoore

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