Money gives you right to vote

Dear Editor,


In response to Jefferey’s letter in your newspaper, I want to say this. Yes, currently money gives you right to vote.  Look at the new law that Stui passed few months before this election, you have to have a monotaga to run for the election.  Yes, you have to give money (monotaga) to the village to run for the election in term of village lafoga, peleti ale faifeau, etc. 

Weather you are voting as an individual or running as a candidate, it is the same right under the election. Also the government is forcing our relatives overseas to send money to us in Samoa for help. If the government providing jobs to our people (that is the govt job by the way), ease the day-to-day cost of living in term of taxes on good and services, stop the corruptions, our local people will be self sufficient to support ourselves.

As for the monies that our relatives are sending our relatives here or for their businesses (investment) as you stated, Stui is also getting the benefits of those transactions. 

Without money for our local people to spend, Stui will not collect any revenue taxes from good and services. Without money for our local businesses, Stui will not collect any tax revenues from employment taxes, company registration, etc. As you see Jefferey, without these money from our relatives overseas, Stui and Luiga will not have money to waste on the wharf at Aleipata, Liuga to spend almost a $1 million tala on his office in the S.N.P.F, and you name a few.


Fiaola Laveai 

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