Basic science

Let the deaths of the two babies not be in vain

This is an excellent editorial and I thank the editor for his open-minded and caring attitude!

The MMR vaccine has been implicated in deaths and long-term disabilities since its release in the late 1980s.

In fact, in recent years, there have been more deaths from the vaccine than there have been from measles itself in the United States. On top of that, the vast majority of those who contract measles have been fully and appropriately vaccinated against it! This is why a second and now a third booster shot have been added to the schedules in some countries.

The fact is that this vaccine was not thoroughly researched for safety or effectiveness prior to its licensure. There have been no long-term prospective studies and at no time was the health of those who got the vaccine compared with the health of those who were completely unvaccinated.

The basic science that we expect our government regulators to do before telling us we need to get a treatment or a preventative for our precious children has never been done.

To our friends in Samoa, I say - keep researching, keep pressuring your government to get to the truth and don't accept any medical procedures unless and until it can be proved to you - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that you will be better off with it than you would have been without.

Meryl Dorey

Founder and Past President

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Inc.

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