Tax rates and Samoan rugby

Re: P.M. firm on tax 

Once again, for those who do not know the tax rates of Samoa:

Those earning under $15,000 ST per year do not pay tax.

Those earning $15,001 to $25,000 ST pay 20% 

Those earning $25,001 and above pay 27%

The top tax rate is 27%, one of the lowest, if not the lowest in the region. Certainly lower than New Zealand and Australia. Probably one of the lower top tax rates in the world.

Those faifeau who get less than $15,000 ST in alofa, will not be paying any tax.

On another matter, interesting to read that the High Performance Unit has a new General Manager.

How about you develop some forwards who can hold their own in international competition? H.P.U. has been there for years and not a single world class forward has come through there. 

Why not get scrum specialists in (like Mike Cron from NZ) for short guest coaching stints to work with all coaches in the country as well as all Super 9 players for scrum techniques? Lineout specialists for lineouts and kickoffs.

Nutrition and fitness is very good but Samoa badly needs forwards who can do the basics - scrums, lineouts, and kickoffs.

It isn’t an impossible task. Fiji’s forwards have improved in recent years. So much so they gave the Welsh scrum all sorts of trouble at the last world cup.


Petelo Suaniu 

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