The law of giving

Think a minute…Almost everybody has heard the true saying, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” We even like to quote it. But do we really believe it? Or do we prefer to live by the saying, “Get all you can before your neighbor gets it.”

Imagine you found a great fishing spot. And someone told you to keep this secret to yourself so you would always have plenty of fish. But instead, you told all of your friends.

Later, you actually ended up with many more fish than what you yourself had caught, because the people you shared your secret with kept giving you fish every day.

Giving is like a force or energy that not only helps other people, but it brings back more for the person who gives. It’s a natural law of giving which we all must learn.

You see, when we choose not to give to others, we actually stop the circulation of blessing flowing back in our direction. Our self-centeredness clogs up the pipes so we cannot receive blessings from God. So the way to get the flow going again is to start give.

Be generous! Tip your waitress that extra dollar. If you’re poor, then give to someone who is even poorer than you are.

Jesus Christ taught and showed that the secret to success and real prosperity is to give away what you have. Then, the blessings can flow back to you. It’s simply one of His laws of living that always works.

Best of all, you have the priceless joy and satisfaction of knowing you helped make other lives happier and better. But if you want that kind of life and success, you must first give your life to Jesus.

When you let Jesus lead your life everyday, He’ll start showing you how to give and live His way. It’s the only way you can find the lasting success and satisfaction He created you to enjoy. Just Think a Minute…

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