Time to bring back the old penalty

Dear Editor,

Thank you Mr. Editor for your editorial about the need to stop exploiting our children.

Ten years ago I wrote a research paper based on what happened in our shore. “We are not safe anymore” was based on the ongoing abuse of young boys and girls in families. 

The facts came up when I was living in the island ten years ago. Local papers had been reporting the abuse every week and every month. 

The increasing stats had never gone away. Talk and discussions had floated around. Awareness had been initiated and messages to families and parents to be vigilant to this plague were heard around. So now, the plight is still climbing and seems there is no way to control or solve the problem.

Who to blame is us.

We have been putting our priorities on the path of the devil. A One-minute mistake costs us all. Frustration, anger, humiliation, death would haunt us when our trustworthiness is not reviewed elaborately. 

How can you trust someone good looking, loving and a fatherly character to look after your children? This is so complicated to answer that even Sociologists are still puzzled and contemplating why this abusing continues.

No more sorrys, being apologetic, or rationalizing for those who do these statutory rapes. It is ridiculous to hear these villainous crimes are still existing in our so called God’s community.

The punishment should be more evil than his action. Time to bring back the old and real effective penalty. Death.


Tuisavalalo B

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