Your drivel doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor,


Thanks for your letter titled “Why your two sene economics don’t work” Steve.

But it is difficult to formulate a sensible response to this utter drivel.

By the way, I can add hedging and futures market to your derivative analysis.

The simple point about any derivative market analysis is trying to look into the future and guess the demand and supply levels and try and work from there a likely price. 

Despite the big words you use and lots of finance terms, the simple fact is that it is supply and demand, which determines price - a fundamental principle of my 2 sene economics or any other economic discipline you may care to nominate. 

We can debate the intricacy of aviation economics and how airfares are established but I don’t want to bore the rest of the readership with this.

Now, after wading through your letter, I came to the conclusion that it is about the economics of self identity. 

Unfortunately I am unable to think of a marketplace where self-identity is traded and I am also unaware of a proxy for it. 

Since there is no price for self-identity, I don’t know how you can make all the assertions you have made and the various accusations about the good folks of the makeki.

You appear to have established a good price for self-identity which you now want the rest of us to follow. 

However as a rational consumer I am not taken in by this emotive rubbish about nationalism, etc, etc. 

I have already factored in nationalism in the low airfare I will be seeking from the airlines. You and your relatives can pay a premium to reflect your nationalistic fervour. 

My guess is that you’d be in the minority.

Let me finish by letting you know that the pulu tree under which you played marbles has been blown away by the winds of common sense, which blew across the town. 

The old makeki has now been turned into a private bar, which provides light-hearted entertainment for the public. 

Similarly, this conversation provides lighthearted entertainment for the readership of the Samoan Observer.



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