Give less and help the faifeau

Dear Editor,


Re: Are they going to tax the pigs too?

It isn’t. It relies upon the Faifeau being honest about his income from these events because he fills in his tax return like a self-employed person; unless he is in a church, which employs him as an employee, in which case the church office pays the tax on his behalf.

About time these things are taxed. $10,000 at a faalavelave is outrageous. That is completely over the top.

I simply don’t buy the argument that “the burden falls on the people”. The burden already falls on the people. Long before this tax. This tax does not increase the burden. It simply cuts down on what the faifeau gets.

Remember this is a PAYE tax system. The higher your income, the higher tax you pay.

For example:

If a faifeau gets $x amount, he adds that to his income and declares it for tax. The tax comes off that amount.

So where is this “extra” burden on the people?

If people want to increase the amounts to give the faifeau, well they are stupid because the more you increase it, the more income the faifeau gets and therefore the more tax that he is liable to pay. Increasing the amount he gets in the teutusi simply increases the tax he must pay.

The best thing for people to do to help out their faifeau is decrease the money they give to him. The less he gets, the less tax he pays.

God bless.



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