Other villages should follow Salelologa’s lead

Dear Editor,

Re: Salelologa bans Chinese shops 

All villages in Samoa should follow what Salelologa is doing - ban Chinese owned business from setting up shops in villages. 

If the govt is not listening, then the people will act. 

The decision made by Salelologa is a decision that will serve the people because what PM Tuilaepa and the govt are doing does not serve the people but themselves. 

The influx of Chinese coming in to Samoa and establishing wholesalers and retailer businesses create more problems than what it can solve. It kills off local businesses and it increases the high unemployment rate. 

What the govt said about the Chinese selling cheap goods is absolute rubbish - they are not cheap. 

Go and look at the cost of their goods here and then compare it to the costs of goods sold by their counterparts overseas and you’ll find these goods are reject goods and are very expensive. 

They even have restaurants popping up everywhere and killing off Samoan owned restaurants. 

We don’t mind Chinese coming to do business here in Samoa but come and open up a business that the Samoans are not doing. Before there were little shops everywhere owned by our people, now they are all gone. 

The more shops and restaurants that close down, the more Samoan people that will be added on to the increasing unemployment rate because the Chinese are bringing in their own labour force under the W.T.O agreement.

The voices of the people have not being heard for many years by PM Tuilaepa and this H.R.P.P govt. I call on all the villages to do the same thing as Salelologa. If the govt ignores your voice then you must take action. 

Remember, the people are more powerful than PM Tuilaepa and his corrupt govt and they are servants to the people and are employees of the people too. PM Tuilaepa is not an economist.


Mebahel Raguel 

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