Ban a sad day for Samoa

Dear Editor, 

I’m sad to read about the decision by Salelologa Village. This ban will become an embarrassment for all of us Samoans. 

We are known for people with big heart, Christians, and most of all, tolerance. The world have been bashing President Trump for his ban on certain country and, here we are have decided to do the same. It may be a village but we are not a large country. 

A village is Samoa represent Samoa as a whole. This is the fruit of the government that have been in power for 30 years. The P.M has failed to provide better protection for our own businesses by ignoring their plight. Having Chinese business in Samoa is a “MUST” to keep cost of living from exploding annually. This ban will have ramification in the future growth of our Nation.

Our business owners need to put pressure on the government for equal trade opportunities with Chinese Shop owners.

As I comment on this highly toxic concerns of our business owners, they need to meet with these Chinese Shops owner and negotiate a deal to allow them to purchase goods from their vendor in China. They can also negotiate trade deals within themselves.

If I’m a shop owner in Savai’i, I would bargain a deal with one of the Chinese Shop owners in Apia to sell my taro or vegetables while I sell their toys or other goods in my shop in Savai’i. Both parties must review supply and demands of each others market to grow both businesses.

I would also urge the government to work with the Ambassador from China to create trade deals that would benefit both countries and its citizens.

I urge Salelologa to remove this ban. Some of our great ancestors are Chinese. Most of our well-established and historical shops bare a Chinese name. I know that if both groups can make reasonable deals, both shop owners and consumers will benefit.

The P.M and his Cabinet need to deliver on some of their promises.


T. Leone

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