Couple wowed by culture

By Anina Kazaz 11 May 2018, 12:00AM

Samoa has a lot to offer and interesting sites to explore.

Patricia and Marcus Bornhaeuser from Heidelberg in Germany know this.  

They told the Dear Tourist team they are willing to explore and understand more about Samoa’s culture.

They have been together for 25 years and married for 15. 

“You could say we work for travelling,” Marcus shared.

“We love to travel and going to untypical destinations, like Tonga, Palau. It is easy for us, we are flexible and got a lot of freedom because we do not have any kids,” Patricia added. 

They arrived in Samoa on 25th April.

“It has been my dream to come to the South Pacific. I like the region, islands in the Pacific area in general, the culture, nature and the people, just everything.”

“We got a good deal this time to fly here. In 2015, we went to Tonga, which we really liked so much that we wanted to see Samoa as well,” Patricia explained.

“You have to be really interested to get the information about Samoa in Germany. We enjoy travelling a lot and have been interested in this area, so after being in Tonga, Samoa was nothing new to us.”

“When we travel, we try to experience and learn a lot about cultures we come across. For example, we are not taking a resort to stay over,” Marcus said.

He and his wife are staying at the Ulalei Lodge in Vaiala. 

The couple enjoys their independence by renting a car.

“We want to be able to stop the car, whenever we want to enjoy nature. We go to supermarkets where locals go as well,” Marcus said.

Stopping by the roadside to get barbeque is part of their experience.

“It is true that there should be more signs for restaurants so that we can find them,” Patricia said.

“The presentation of the attraction could be improved. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum for example is a beautiful spot, but on the map it’s just way too small, like the sign, which is easy to miss when we drive by.” 

“There are no street signs which make it hard for tourists. We have been searching a lot,” Marcus shared.

“I have to say so far it is a beautiful holiday here. The island is wonderful. The people are helpful and friendly.”

Because of their fascination of the Pacific, they could pick out the variance between the islands.

“Here in Samoa I recognise the west influence is very strong, from the U.S.A. or Asia. It is more commercialised. Tonga seemed to be more traditional then Samoa,” Marcus shared. 

The couple has spent six days at Asau at the Vai Moana Seaside Lodge in Savaii.

“It was very beautiful there, very original and traditional,” Patricia said.

“I would totally recommend it, a wonderful place to stay with great staff. One thing we really liked about it was the options they offered like snorkeling and village walks.”

“For tourists, it is not easy to walk into a village without showing the obligated respect. The etiquette and everything is not simple for foreigners. This village walk makes it easier to have someone who can explain everything we need to know,” Marcus shared.

“This kind of offer could be expanded for example,” Patricia said.

“Not too much of course, but just someone who would take us by the hand and walk into the village and we could give him maybe $10 tala per person, which would go to the people in the village,” Marcus said.

Their fascination could possibly see their return to Samoa.

By Anina Kazaz 11 May 2018, 12:00AM

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