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Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi last week criticised the performance of nurses in Samoa and accused them of “unprofessional behaviour”. Our reporter Yolanda Lavata’i in a Street Talk hears the views of members of the public and what they think of Tuilaepa’s criticism.

Nervin Laauli, Vaiusu, 28

“I go to the hospital often and when I do go I don’t have any complaints. The nurses and doctors are really good with their service. I don’t know about the rest of the public but that is my opinion. Not all nurses and doctors are like what the Prime Minister says they are. A lot of them I know do care about what they do.”

Faagoto  Vaapuu, Aleisa, 20

“I couldn’t agree more with the Prime Minister. There are nurses who want to be a doctor someday but haven’t yet attained that status and I think they should stick to what their qualification is. Not only that but It is an issue that when people go to the hospitals, the nurses do not always tend to the patients, who are waiting for the usual medical procedures before seeing the doctor. “

Fialogo Lemi, Sataoa, 20

“In a way I understand where the Prime Minister is coming from because I have seen nurses act out that way at times. Their job is not easy and I will never know the full burden of being a nurse, but you know that is what a nurse should do — assist the doctors with the patients. But believe me we are grateful for their efforts, but they really need to improve on their services and attitude.”

Paletina Lauofo, Lotuanuu, 38

“Honestly I have seen in the hospitals where the lobby would be full of people waiting to get assistance and get checked, but the nurses are scrolling through their phones and sitting around. When we ask for assistance they are unhappy that we have bothered them. You know, all I am saying is that the same compliance and services they would give their families should be the same for everyone else.”

Leone Leota, Talimatua, 21

“A lot of the nurses that I have come across don’t have a good attitude. For instance, when we come into the hospital we are really ill and the last thing we need is a nurse that does not treat us nicely. There are sick people coming in and out of the hospital every day, and a lot of us just want to know if we can really count on them to do the job right.”

Mauga Foe, Aleisa, 40

“In my own personal opinion the nurses are doing what they can in assisting the patience and they have acquired knowledge for the job they are doing.  There are people who have complaints about the nurses and the service they provide, and honestly if they have an issue, they should address it properly with the nurse responsible in the best manner.”

Pua Pou, Falelauniu Tai, 43

“It depends you know. Not every nurse is the same — some are really great in responding to the patients and others not so much. However, with what the Prime Minister had said, I know he’s referring to the nurses that are not doing their jobs well. For them they really need to understand that people come from afar to seek their help, and how they treat people and tend to them is very important. “

Edmune Ioka, Paploloa, 35

“It’s true there are nurses who act like they are doctors.  A nurse’s sole responsibility is to help the doctors, leave the doctors’ responsibility to the doctors. They are the ones who have the proper qualifications to do their job. What nurses could really improve on their attitude. I can tell when I go into the hospital they don’t really bother to tend to some of the patients. The other thing the nurses could improve on is their service. I know that if the service is really good than everything else would be too.”


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