It’s a farmers life for me

By Vatapuia Maiava 14 September 2016, 12:00AM

Growing up is easy. The difficult part is figuring out what you want to be.

Some strive to be doctors and others work towards the life of a lawyer but for 19-year-old Yen Chang from the village of Aleisa, he has chosen the life of a farmer.

“I want to start my own plantation when I grow up, it’s my future plan right now,” he told the Village Voice yesterday.

“I am paid $150 from my uncle every week I help him out with his stall, the work I am doing every day brings me a lot of joy and I urge other youths to try out the life of a farmer.”

“Living off of a plantation is really good money, on good days the money you get is high and on off days it’s still pretty good.”

“I help with my uncle’s farm and I also help sell the crops we get here at Lotopa.”

According to the young man, farming can really turn a profit for you if you keep at it.

“That is my plan and my dream, I want to be a farmer,” Yen said.

“I want this for my future because looking at my uncle’s sales here, we can make up to about $400 a day, and on off weeks we can make about $500 a week.

“The life of a farmer may not be attractive to many people but I know for sure that my family will be well looked after if I become one.”

The one thing Yen is grateful for is what he had learnt from helping his uncle out in the plantations.

“I am truly thankful to my uncle for the chance to work like this,” he said.

“There weren’t many options out there for me so I learnt how great a framers life is by helping my uncle. I help plant and I help sell.”

And get this; it’s a pretty easy life according to Yen.

“We have a common saying here in Samoa, if you don’t do well in school then fall back on the plantation,” he said.

“It may be hard work but once you start working then it will become easier over time. After a while then the profit you earn will make life easier as well.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 14 September 2016, 12:00AM

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