What needs to happen to make Samoa great again

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. accuses lawyers  

I have not seen any Facebook pages led by ghost lawyers and I’m certainly not one! However, in the real world and out in the villages, I’m seeing and hearing your people have lost faith. 

They call the Government corrupt and liars using gifted funds to elevate the material gluttony for themselves and their Ministers families, while the village people can’t even wash with water let alone water a vegetable garden for items to grow themselves.

These people quite often in desperation use crime as a means of survival. 

Paying ridiculous church and village donations while their families suffer. So, why not prove the people judging you wrong? 

Prove how the customary land is protected for only the “true bloodlines of previous ancestors who cleared and built on the land” investigate this thoroughly and fairly, giving back to the people their land and kick the greedy liars back to where they came from. 

Lock up those who claim land as their own when it’s clearly not. Investigate where their names come from? Restore justice and faith. 

Prove how the leases to foreigners are of value to the people giving them the funds to grow and water those crops and stop crime and give their children choices in life. 

Prove how the land is also protected for those families and that they have the final say of how it is used and by whom and for how long not some MP not even originating from the village. 

Prove how it is the Chinese are helping our economy grow not grabbing our land and building for themselves before they in China are under water. 

Prove how they will help protect our beautiful environment and not pollute it like their own. 

Prove the Samoan’s will always come first. Give the people a voice, let them vote fairly and not be bullied by the Ministers and Village Matai. 

Let the village people run their own families and not be told what to do by the bully Matai who often don’t prove good examples. 

Let the people have a fair freedom of speech and voice their concerns, not be bullied or threatened. Welcome input from the UN and other countries like NZ and Australia who care. 

Put more palagi and Afakasi on Ministry boards for fairness and conflicts of interest. Help educate the people to be better at tourism. Teach Heath and Safety practises. 

Food vendors do stringent health training and show certificates. Dengue and E coli are not a fun thing for tourists to contract on holiday and they won’t return and they will tell everyone in reviews. 

Help set up proper shops for the village people to start their own ventures, connect water and communal showers for the village to use. Restore the faith. It’s a big job but together we can do it. Then Samoa will be peaceful again!



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