Better with age

Think a minute…Recently a 102-year-old woman was playing a game of golf. On a 100-yard long hole she thought she had lost her ball, only to discover she had hit it straight into the cup.

A record hole-in-one by a 102-year-old woman! Who says we don’t get better with age! 

For many years Othmar Ammann was an engineer for the Port of New York City. But he knew he still had plenty of good years and plans ahead of him.

So he decided to leave his secure government job to try to fulfill his dreams as a designer and started his own engineering company.

It is because Othmar Ammann was not afraid to step out of his comfort zone, our world is full of many magnificent monuments which he masterfully designed and built: The airport at Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C., The Iranian highway system, The New Jersey and Connecticut turnpikes, The U.S. Navy’s 600-foot radio telescope, and what was the world’s longest suspension bridge in New York City. 

To this day, designers and engineers still talk about Othmar Ammann’s many masterpieces. Actually, two of his greatest accomplishments we did not mention were New York City’s George Washington Bridge and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge—since he did those before his retirement.

If you can call it “retirement”! Amazingly, the majority of Othmar Amman’s engineering masterworks were built after he retired at the age of 60—until he finished his last one, which at that time the longest bridge in the world, when Othmar was age 86!   

The fact is we all were designed to keep building a better life and character all the way to the end. Recently I heard a successful man say: “I don’t want to have to look back for the best I’ve done in my life. If I peaked in the past, than I’ll never become the man I was born to be.” Life’s greatest achievement is to finish it well. 

Sadly, not everyone gets better with age. In fact, some people’s character flaws seem to get bigger and their weaknesses worse. As one man observed: “People can change—but few do.”

But you can start changing today—if you wholeheartedly ask Jesus to forgive you and take full charge of your heart each and every day? Only He can help you continue to grow in your character, so you will only get better with age and finish your life according to His awesome master plan for you.

Just think a minute… 

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