Fairytale or fact?

Think a minute…There was a man who thought he was going crazy, so he went to the doctor for an expert opinion. The doctor examined the man and told him: “I have to agree with you. You’re crazy.” But the man got angry and said: “I want a second opinion!” So the doctor said, “OK, you’re ugly too.” Sometimes we don’t want to hear the facts.

A survey in America showed that 90% of Americans say they believe heaven is real, but only 25% of those same people say they believe hell is a real place. That’s like saying you believe there is light but no darkness, that there is right but no wrong. Common sense tells you that doesn’t make any sense! Just saying a place is not real doesn’t make it true. It’s like saying the North Pole is not real just because we don’t think so.

The fact is Jesus Christ talked about hell much more than he did heaven. He said hell is a real place that’s full of the worst pain and endless suffering for everyone who rejects His good life by choosing to live their own way instead of the true way He created us to enjoy. Jesus repeatedly explained that the reason He came to give His innocent life was to pay the penalty for all our sins. God the Son came to save us from suffering in hell forever, even though it cost Him His own divine life. You see, we can’t say we believe Jesus Christ spoke the truth about some things, but that He lied about other things like hell. He can’t be God and be a liar too.

Remember, since God is perfectly good and pure, it’s simply not possible for Him to live together with any kind of wrong or evil. Otherwise, He wouldn’t be God! Just like light and darkness cannot be in the same place together. But if we want God to leave us alone, He will. After all, He’s the One Who gave us our freedom to choose in the first place. He will never force us to love Him and live the way He created us to enjoy.

Jesus said that even though our body dies, our soul will live forever—either in heaven or in hell. So it’s up to us to choose whether we want Jesus’ gift of forgiveness and way of living, or our own way. Heaven or hell. But you’re the only one who can send yourself to hell, because God’s already done everything He possibly can so you don’t go there. The choice and risk is yours. Just Think a Minute…

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