A divisive issue for the church

Re: Do you support the church’s decision?

I am an E.F.K.S. member myself. The decision made by the elders of the church is inappropriate. 

I do not in any way support their decision. Never mind the different churches, but there are no written agreement that when you become a faifeau that if things like this happen that your title as a faifeau will be stripped. 

Personally the elders of the E.F.K.S. has taken their decision way to far and to a level where it is not necessary. 

He did not choose to become a faifeau, he was chosen by God to deliver his word and to spread his work. So I think the elders should re-think their decision. 

The elders also need to understand that the decision for Opapo to become a minister for his village is NOT their decision it was decided by the village. 

The elders just need to get back into their lane and don’t make stupid decisions like this because it will come back to them in any possible way.

 At the end of the day only God knows the truth and they will get what they deserve! With all that is happening within the E.F.K.S. society, it will only divide the church up some how.


Florida P

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