Elderly man blames girls and alcohol

People are entitled to their own opinion on different matters.

And when it comes to the social challenges facing young people, everyone has a view.

The Village Voice has been asking people about the causes and the answers have varied.

 For 70-year-old Fa’alogo Taisali of Lauli’i, he blames the girls.   

 “In my village the main reason why we have problems with the youth boys is because of girls,” he told the Village Voice.

“It’s true because this is what we see every day when youth boys are brought in front of the village.

“It’s either one boy took the other one’s girlfriend or one guy went and talked badly about someone’s else’s girlfriend.

“For example, one of the village boys found himself a girlfriend and then all his friends heard about it. 

“There will always be someone who used to like this girl for so long so instead of saying malo to this boy he goes around and tells everyone that he has already slept with this poor guy’s girlfriend.

“When the news reaches this guy that’s when World War IV starts.

“That is the biggest problem here in our village and the cause of many fights between the youth boys of the village.”

Alcohol is another problem.

 “Youth nowadays when they get drunk they come on the main road and scream or swear,” he said.

“They think they become men when they do this but little do they know people are calling them stupid because of their action.

“Alcohol is one of the biggest causes of youth’s dispute and fights nowadays but I think I stick to the first reason which is female.

“If only there were just men then I’m sure nothing like will ever happen.

“Sometimes I don’t why God made a woman because this is what happened but I also know that without a woman us men will go crazy and the world will not be fruitful.”

Ask what he thinks should be the solution to the problem Faalogo said jail is the only answer if the village can’t do anything to stop this issue.

“If the village keeps punishing them and they don’t listen then jail is the answer,” he said.

“It’s good as well so that they don’t have to see the girl that they are fighting over and at the same time they will learn that the reason they ended up in jail was because of something very stupid and silly.

“But that is my thought on the cause of the issue and I know many are blaming the parents but the parents are doing a good job in looking after them but it’s the youth themselves that are fighting over something very small that they can get from anywhere in the world.”

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