The cost of electricity

Dear Editor,

The General Manager Tologata Tile Leia said the price of electricity will be dropped to fulfill the government’s promise. What a load of absolute rubbish. 

The price of electricity went up not long ago and straight after, the Minister of Finance announced that the price of electricity would increase again this year.

The new Minister of E.P.C. Papalii Niko Lee Hang stepped in and said the first move he would make would be to drop the price of electricity for the people. Obviously the Office of the Regulator stepped in as well and demanded the electricity prices be dropped as they are aware of E.P.C.’s daylight robbery of the people.

The new Minister of E.P.C. and the Regulator have done their homework and discovered the people of Samoa have been robbed for many years by both E.P.C. and H.R.P.P. 

The General Manager said the reason he’s dropping the electricity prices is because of the drop in price of the tariffs. These people think they are so smart they can fool the people here. 

Under the W.T.O, as soon as a country becomes a member, the tariffs of all goods should be dropped by 10%. Samoa has been a member of the W.T.O. for a while now and now they’ve just decided to drop the tariff? That confirms E.P.C. has been robbing the people all this time.

The E.P.C. General Manager is a comedian. The cost of electricity at the moment is around $1.05 and $1.10 per unit. As the price of oil has dropped by half per barrel and the 10% reduction of tariff, the cost of electricity per unit should be around $0.60 - $0.70 sene. I guarantee you the government will not drop the prices lower to where it should be as they need to continue taking from the people as Samoa is broke.

Thanks to the Minister of E.P.C. and the Regulator for stepping in and stopping the MoF’s idea of an unnecessary increase in electricity prices . 

While you’re at it Minister of E.P.C. and Regulator, why has the diesel for the electricity in Samoa got two surcharges on it? There’s a surcharge added at the port when the diesel arrives and another surcharge added when E.P.C. buy the diesel. Only in Samoa they’d do this. If you do your calculations properly, you’d find that E.P.C. cannot explain the extra 30 sene per unit they’ve been charging the people for many years.

I’ll be waiting for the answer to my question. Remember it’s my right and 

also in the public interest for you guys to publish all the information and calculations regarding electricity. We are not here to pay for PM Tuilaepa and his government’s carelessness through electricity; as we the people are not responsible for it.

We the people of Samoa trust that you, Minister of E.P.C. Papalii Lee Hang and the Regulator will bring the truth of the matter to the people. 



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