Couple embraces their holiday experience

Michael and Cheryl were passing through the Agricultural and Food fair when Dear Tourist caught up with them at the tilapia fish pools. 

The couple from Whangarei New Zealand have been here for just under a week and they have been enjoying the laid back lifestyle and had a memorable experience when they were caught in a heavy rain downpour.

“We are staying at Return to Paradise and it’s beautiful,” said Cheryl.  

“The beach is awesome and the chilled atmosphere where no one is in a hurry to do anything is great. We have organized a few tours through the desk, which has been really cool. The rain has been really epic.”  

Cheryl bursts out laughing. 

“We were swimming in the trenches when the rain hit and it really bucketed down. It was really spectacular.”

“Except for the climb out of it,” pipes up Michael from the side. He is obviously a man of few words.

Michael and Cheryl both enjoy travelling and look to learn new things everywhere they go.

“The only Pacific Island we have been to was Raro and we’ve never been here before so that’s why we decided to come over, it was between Tonga or Samoa.” Cheryl said, “We are absolutely happy with our choice but everywhere you go is a learning curve because you never know what to expect.” 

The couple shared their views on what they have observed during their time here.

“Samoa hasn’t really gotten into the modern way of swinging things,” Michael pointed out.

Cheryl added that, “It’s still very labour intensive here. Obviously tourism brings a lot of money into the country but Samoans don’t appear to be bothered.”

Laughs Sheryl: “Like you’re just a tourist, you’re nothing special, just jump in or join in, so it’s been really neat. We haven’t had anything negative happen to us while we have been here.”

“Road signs would be an improvement.” 

Cheryl agreed but she also pointed out that a lack of road signs, “adds to the adventure, you take a wrong turn and you end up somewhere you wouldn’t have been. The only thing though is the internet service which is a hit and miss and most of the time we have been here, we have been off the grid. But we can’t complain, the scenery is beautiful and the water is gorgeous”

“Untouched.” said Michael in his now endearingly short and concise communication.

Something that the couple found special and memorable on their trip so far was the chance to participate in a turtle tour.

“We went on a the turtle tour with the guy who was the lifesaver with the Survivor tv series.” Said Cheryl, “and his local knowledge and the history of the island was just amazing.  The snorkeling where he took us out to was just incredible. It’s just a shame to see a lot of dead coral but I suppose the more tourists come here the harder its going to get for the coral to grow again. We would definitely recommend Samoa to people overseas.”

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