Commissioner of the people

Dear Editor,

When we went for our usual exercising session with our 8 year old at Mt.Vaea, little did we know we would bump into the new Police Commissioner Fuiava Egon Keil warming up for a climb. 

To our son Poia Enentari Sailala at Peace Chapel School, this was the moment to make his mark on the Commissioner. 

As a parent I know how hard it is to climb that mountain at which ever pace. Poia has also often struggled when we go climbing.

He shocked me when upon knowing who was climbing he actually went up at the speedy fit pace of the Commissioner and his boys.

I struggled up at our usual pace with Poia who found me still panting up as the Commissioner and his guys were descending. All he said was you alright; see you at the bottom. It was as if he was possessed with new energy.

As I struggled to the top and eventually bottom, I got thinking. The impact of elders in society on future generations. Our son revealed an unusual energy in tandem with the Commissioner and his unit simply because he believes in the man. He was probably too pleased and wanted to make his mark.

The same principle applies to other elders and people placed in responsibility. In all one does, what impact are you making and which example are you setting for future generations especially the young ones? Objectivity? Impartiality? Love? Hate? Compassion? Racialism? Courage under competition?

There is an on-going debate of foreign investors targeting specifically the Chinese. The Chinese foreign investors here like all foreign investors, saw an opportunity, sold all they had and moved to Samoa to seize that opportunity.

Having taken that risk based on faith of opportunity I guess they must be treated carefully especially in areas where they did not break any existing laws upon their landing to invest.

 And why the debate on only Chinese? Perhaps simply because they constitute the majority of those taking the extra mile to reap in some profits and create competition.

Back to this moment, the friendliness of your Police Commissioner Egon Keil on this particular Mt. climbing event is likely to have a lasting impact on our little lad of the Commissioner as a man of the people in all the work he will be doing. 

I guess he will have him on his radar in work he does. 

Blessed weekend to all may all aspire to inspire hope with compassion for those they serve.




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