Love for all seasons (part 1)

Think a minute…Someone said:”All fun ends with marriage.”

Do you feel that way some days? Maybe your marriage is going through a change of seasons. Remember, “Love is more than just a game for two.” Real love is “for adults only.” 

Running away or giving up on a marriage relationship is easy, anyone can do that. But then I am walking away from my life’s greatest success and satisfaction, because I have not learned to grow and flow with the natural life cycle of love. A wife said: “I thought there was something wrong with me and my husband—until I understood the natural, different seasons of love.”  

Unfortunately some of us still believe the false, fairytale meanings of love in popular songs, movies, and romance novels. 

But the sooner we learn that love is a lifelong decision, and there are seasons of love, the sooner we can enjoy each season in our journey together.  In the first season of love, you are passionate about everything you do together. There is nothing like those early romantic days when you first fall in love. 

This new, exciting relationship stimulates chemicals in our bodies that make us feel “high” emotionally and physically. But it is when we are still in this dream-like state of emotions that many of us make the life-changing commitment to spend the rest of our lives together—before we have “come down from the clouds” of new romance. 

Then in the second season of love you may ask yourself, “What was I thinking?” Now you are living every day together in real life—which can bring you down to earth very fast! Your little differences can become big ones that irritate you, so you disagree and argue more. 

You may even try to change each other—not realizing your differences are actually good and healthy. ]

Besides, you would get bored with a person exactly the same as you. The challenge is that it is in this season of differences that you often make major decisions—such as when to have children, where to live, who will support the family, how you will spend your money and free time. 

Each season of love brings new joys and challenges, and that is why we need the help of our Creator Who designed love and marriage for us. He also knows each one of us and the lifelong consequences of every decision we make. So won’t you ask Jesus to help you grow and learn to enjoy each season of your love and life together? Just think a minute… 

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