Win with words

Think a minute…A famous man said: “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind. They are like nitroglycerine: they can blow up bridges or heal hearts.” It all depends on how we use them: as a weapon to hurt or an instrument to heal.

Our tongue truly has the power of life and death. Words have brought peace or war between nations—life or death to millions. Words can either build or destroy the relationships and reputations of people. A vital secret to success is learning how to use our words well: To say the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right reason.

“Sometimes the best statement we can make is our silence.” It is also a hard argument to beat. Occasionally, the only way to be heard is to be quiet. Those who have the most to say usually say it with the fewest words.

Wise, successful people often say more by talking less. Remember: “You will almost never hurt yourself by what you don’t say. It is when the fish opens his mouth that he gets caught.” So a good rule to follow is: “Don’t speak unless you can improve on the silence.” 

You can often tell more about a person by what he says about others than by what others say about him. The reason we enjoy talking about the faults and mistakes of others is it somehow makes us feel better about our own.

It is from inside your heart that your words come. Remember that a good word is just as easy to say as a bad one. If we are wise, we will “Keep our words soft and sweet, because we may have to eat them...Gentle words may fall lightly, but they carry great weight.”

The sooner we learn to use our words well, to build others up instead of tear them down, the sooner we will start enjoying much more success and happier relationships. But we must change our heart, since that is where our words come from.

Won’t you ask Jesus to start changing you by taking charge of your attitudes and words every day? Only He can help you develop the character, willpower, and wisdom you need to truly win with your words. Just think a minute… 

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