Propping up a ‘dead cat’

Dear Editor 

Re: What really happens when the govt. is broke 

I’m sorry to disappoint you PS Jeffrey, but your astute Harvard intelligence doesn’t match up with your economic 101 theory. 

You can dance around the issue, but the fact that Samoa is broke is evidenced by what the government is doing to prop up a “dead cat bounce” economy that has been taken in way too much debt than what she is able to finance.

Your ignorance to the fact that you are comparing Samoa that doesn’t have any resources other than their Tourist Industry that is not profitable by any stretch of the imaginations to the US, Japan and other fully developed countries that are able to leverage their debt 100 to 200% of G.D.P. to prop up their economies is somewhat incomprehensible. 

So before you brag about how smart you are, I would go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate your intelligence by looking at those facts that I have laid out for you, other than being a chief propagandist for the government that sold us out to the bankers.

Leituala Roger B.

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