Sociology and different class of people

Dear Editor,

Re: Creating division in Samoa

Britain was able to make the average people submit through enclosures, which were the early stages of capitalism we are struggling under today. 

This created a class of desperate poor who would work for any pittance their labour awarded them from the upper class who had their class status given to them in the way of land by the royal elite, or god, for their blind faith, loyalty and devotion. 

If you understand sociology you know that people rarely leave the class they are born into. We can certainly see that this is true when you realize the middle class, that is a creation for the most part by governments/socialism, ie free universal education, well paid government jobs, and government permitted worker unions, is on the decline because of the collapse of global capitalism that Marx so clearly predicted in his critique of the capitalist system. 

This group are quickly returning to their normal place in the class structure of the poor and the working poor or the landless peasants and the working class. Let’s hope a new government can take over in Samoa before all the land is owned by foreigners and the Samoans become the landless peasants and the working class rather than the agrarian poor. 

Autonomy is precious when that’s all you have. 

Beware of those who awake from their slumber from false consciousness to class-consciousness.


Wendy Wonder 

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