Transport Authority moves on Tufuiopa pool concerns

By Joyetter Luamanu 19 January 2018, 12:00AM

The Land Transport Authority (L.T.A.) will amend the design of the road at Tufuiopa to have measures in place to avoid any further crashes from occurring at the Tufuiopa pool. 

This is according to L.T.A. Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mata’afa Sepelini Poufa, in response to concerns raised by the residents living around the area. 

As of last week, a total of three vehicles had crashed into the Tufuiopa pool. 

“Measures that are being considered are speed hump, road signage and guard rails etc,” he said. 

He explained the new road was resurfaced with asphalt concrete, which is a much stronger and more compacted sealing method and material. 

“Thus, there is more runoff due to the grade of aggregate used in it (more water on the surface). 

“This can cause an effect called hydroplaning where water flowing over the surface reduces the grip of tyres on the surface of the road due to reduced contact of the tyres on it. 

“Previously this particular road condition was so bad that people who regularly use this road had requested its upgrading, so L.T.A. improved the road condition for smooth travel by the public. 

“However, the improved road (no potholes and increased smoothness) has encouraged higher speeds. 

“This is something then that L.T.A. will look into to avoid further accidents and less danger to the pedestrians and peoples,” said Mata’afa. 

“The improved road (no potholes and increased smoothness) has encouraged higher speeds. 

“The location of the village pool is immediately after the bend on the approach from the East side (coming from the intersection fronting Apia Insurance and Island Rock Co L.t.d.), so warning/calming measures must be put in place also to reduce speeds. 

“This bend is also on a decline from the East toward the pool location. 

“L.T.A. is committed to maintain the safety of our people travelling on our roads thus we will amend the design of this road at Tufuiopa to have measures in place to avoid any further accidents from occurring.” 

Mata’afa reiterated that guard rails are being considered fronting the pool or strong steel concrete posts to make sure there are no more ending up in the pool. 

“We will put warning signs like ‘drive with care’, ‘road is slippery when wet’, ‘slow down road bend ahead’ and also speed limit signs (15 - 25km/hr) and any other safety measure that we see fit for the safety of the public.

“Speed humps are used to limit speeds on long stretches of road, this short section of road especially the accident area may not warrant speed humps. 

“Warning signs, Speed limit signs guard rails is a must. 

“Speed humps can be a hazard as well to drivers especially tourists and our people from overseas and a definite hazards to big trucks and buses,” he said. 

Mata’afa concluded by urging motorists to slow down at all times, especially in roads around town area. 

“The maximum speed around our town is 25km/hr and L.T.A. is upgrading our roads within our C.B.D. and all around Samoa for ease of travel to everyone, but stays cautious with our speed limits and road rules.” 

By Joyetter Luamanu 19 January 2018, 12:00AM

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