Marks of maturity (Part 1)

Think a minute…A little boy lost a footrace at school, so he came home angry and jealous of the other kids who won ahead of him. His father saw his son’s bad attitude and said: “Son, anybody can be kind when they win. That’s easy! But when you lose, and you are still kind to the winners, then you are on your way to becoming a mature human being.”  Today and tomorrow we will look at some marks of maturity.  

Self-control of our physical desires and drives is one mark of our maturity. “The man who can master himself can master everything else.” A mature person controls his body instead of allowing his body to control him. This is true of any physical appetite, whether it is for pleasure, comfort, food, or even rest. Mature people do not live life ruled by their urges and impulses, since they do not need instant gratification to be happy.       

A mature person also has self-control in the area of honesty. Some people have a good reputation, but not a good character. They give in public, but cheat and steal in private. A mature person, however, is controlled by his conscience and what he knows is right, not by what he can get away with.

So even if no one will ever know that he lied, stole or did something wrong, he still will not do it because he himself will know, and he never wants to lose his good character and self-respect. “A mature man disciplines himself so others don’t have to.” His honest character and conscience steer him through every temptation, pressure, and problem, so he does not lose his way, his honor and integrity.

A mature person also has self-control of his emotions. You can tell how strong a man is by how much it takes to make him upset and lose control of his anger. “The more you grow up, the less you blow up.” A mature person masters his moods and understands that

“The results of anger are usually worse than the cause of it.” Nothing is important enough to become so angry we deeply hurt, damage, or even destroy those we love and care about. 

Remember, you only get one life, so why not make yours the best it can be by becoming your best? Ask Jesus to take full charge of your heart and character. Only He can give you the power you need each day to become the mature man or woman of self-control He created you to be. Then, you can start

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