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Re: Remittances and Samoa today

Petelo, 3,000 people cannot find employment in Samoa because there are no opportunities there. They are the lucky ones to get employment from overseas countries and it goes under the category of foreign assistance.

There are more subsistence farmers than employed people in Samoa.

Coupled with foreign assistance with foreign aid and the numbers given by overseas donors to Samoa’s economy far exceeds your government’s contribution to your economy.

Can foreign loans be considered as foreign assistance as well, that depends on what you know?

The only reason why there’s so much foreign assistance (remittance, foreign aid etc) is because Samoan government is unable and incapable of creating a working economy. 

Petelo, you are an ungrateful recipient of foreign aid but that’s OK.

We expect this level of morality to come from weak Christians who are willingly prostituting themselves for easy money.


Le Mafa P.


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