“Decide Your Destiny”

Think a minute…A man was cleaning his car with a special brush when a little girl who had been watching him said, “My daddy has a brush like that to clean his car too.” “Really!” said the man. “What kind of car does your daddy have?”

The little girl answered: “Oh, he hasn’t got the car yet, but he’s got the brush to clean it.” Well, I suppose you have to start somewhere! The important thing is that you do get started. And to do that, we first have to decide what kind of life we want.

It’s strange how many of us want to live forever, when we can’t even decide what to do with our life now! Like the guy who said: “I’m going to stop putting things off, starting tomorrow.”

You see, even if others have made decisions for you, you can still decide how you’ll respond and handle the life that’s been handed to you. You still have control of your own attitudes. Happiness is an attitude and choice, no matter what situation you’re in. Remember, you can always find someone worse off than you whom you can help.

It’s only when we stop looking at our own problems and reach out to make others happy, that we ourselves can be truly happy. But if you choose not to make a decision, that also is your decision you’ll live with.

There are many smart, talented people who have never enjoyed the success they could have, simply because they could not make a decision and discipline themselves to follow through with it.

Remember, if your life doesn’t change, it’s going stay the same! It’s that simple. So to move on from where you are, you must first decide where you’d rather be. If you can’t change your mind, you can’t change your life.

“The moment you’re through changing, you’re through!” The great writer Tolstoy said: “Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change himself.” So ask yourself right now: What’s the one decision I need to make to change my life?

The smartest one you can make is to ask your own Maker to take control of your life every day. Then with Jesus’ power, you can start making the best choices that will change you and give you the new life you want. In fact, you can decide your destiny today. Just Think a Minute…

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