For Adults Only

Think a minute…Someone said, “The problem with fairytale marriages is the young lady who waits for her prince on a white horse does not yet know that she’s the one who cleans up after the horse!” 

As children, we begin learning about love in fairytales. Then we continue our love fantasies as teenagers, watching television and movies, reading romance novels, and listening to love songs on the radio. So by the time we are adults, we still have this immature thinking about love and marriage. Someone asked a young woman: “How do you know you’re in love with him?” She answered: “Oh, because every time I’m around him, I shake like a bowl of jelly!” But if we want true, satisfying, and strong love, we are going to need a lot more than just jelly! 

Yes, we all want that part of marriage that shakes you up and turns you on. Passion and attraction is an important part of a man and woman’s love and life together. After all, that is our Maker’s idea. The problem is that love based only on feelings will not be deep and strong enough. Over the years of living together, you will have times when you do not feel as attracted to your mate as other times. But just because you do not always have the powerful feelings of being “in love” does not mean you do not have “real love.”

A famous couple in their wedding ceremony changed their marriage vows to “I promise to care for you as long as we both shall LOVE,” instead of “as long as we both shall LIVE.” They still did not understand what love is, and that marriage is “for adults only.” True love is a permanent choice, commitment and companionship for a lifetime. “Real marriage is falling in love many times…with the same person.” You choose to love your wife or husband for life, no matter what. “Real love is for real adults.” Only mature adults are strong enough to sacrifice what they want for their mate’s needs and happiness. But their loving sacrifice brings them the success, satisfaction, and love of a lifetime that only adults can fully enjoy. 

“Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up.” So even if you are already married, it is never too late to ask Christ to help you start growing and changing. Only He can help you start experiencing with your friend-for-life His real love that is for adults only. Just think a minute…

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