A mother’s memory ‘very much alive’

By Nefertiti Matatia 11 May 2018, 12:00AM

Mother’s Day brings joy to most and also grief to some.

In the season of acknowledging mothers, Mataiumu Lualua could only think of her late mother. 

The 64-year-old from the village of Asaga, Savaii, shared though many years have passed; the memory of her mother is very much alive.

Mrs. Lualua is in Apia to be part of the annual exhibition ie Samoa (fine mats) and siapo that concluded in front of the government building yesterday. 

 “Behind the glamourous outfits and shimmering jewelry on every mother, they portray the image of their own mother’s,” she said.

“My mother has passed on and a day like this is when I would miss my mother. She was crippled and I can’t help but think about her in the season that we are in.”

“I have looked after my mother until her last breath. It is the same teachings that I have taught my children and that is I am their mother and for them to also look after me just how I did with my mother.” 

“The book of the wise states any child that honours their parents would live a long life and I am now reaping the fruits of my labour,” she said.

Mrs. Lualua states life has been tough for her, but the teaching of her mother has gotten her through.

“Between a mother and father, it is always the mother who has this unconditional love for their children. Before a child is even born, it is only I that would always feel the heartbeat of my child.”

“Our intimate relationship starts from the womb and though the father may love his child too, it is not the same as the mother.”

“Despite the shortcomings of the child, it is always the mother whose heart would always be where their kid might be, it is exactly how my mother was with me.”

Mrs. Lualua explained: “It is a mother’s duty to teach her children the ways of the Lord, life is a process and there are times when we fall flat to our faces when we realise there is a lot more to life than just living.”

“My mother always told me to raise my children in the right path so that they will flourish in life, be committed to my family and our church.”

“It is our weaknesses that build us to be better and stronger and I am thankful that I have reached another year to celebrate Mother’s Day because there are some that did not reach this journey.”

Mrs. Lualua also lost her husband but she understands that life goes on. 

“There is a big role that has been played by mothers. It is written that a mother is the life of any family. Without a mother, the body of the church, family and community would not be complete.”

 “I am thankful to the government for acknowledging all the work that we have been doing. With the donation that they have made we are able to have brand new clothes for Mother’s Day.” 

By Nefertiti Matatia 11 May 2018, 12:00AM

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