“Getting fit”

Think a minute…Mr. Louis Joline was awarded one of America’s “Fittest Over 50.” At the age of 65, He had completed 61 marathon races.

Remember, a marathon is running 26 miles! You would not think this man needs help or encouragement to run. But Louis Joline has admitted that he needs to belong to a running club.

He says that he cannot get physically fit and strong by himself alone. He always advises people: “You should exercise with a group, because if your friends are exercising, then you will too!”

This is also true when you need to get spiritually fit and strong in your new life with Jesus Christ.

There are two things in life that you cannot do alone: Be married and Be a Christian. God created and designed us all so that we need each other to encourage us when we fail, get discouraged or hurt. We need to spend time every week with friends who are successfully living for Jesus.

Then, we can be motivated and learn from their good character and example.

We also need true teaching, spiritually healthy food, to keep growing and maturing in our Christ-like character. We need to learn through clear, practical teaching from the Bible how to live Jesus’ way successfully in everyday, real life.

Are you involved and committed to a church: your spiritual family? Do you have close, Christian friends who love Jesus and live His way every day? Do you have someone you can talk and pray with about your problems?

Are you hearing clear, practical teaching every week how to daily live the successful Christian life? You and I can only become spiritually fit and strong through a team effort. When you join Jesus, you join His team and family.

So why not ask Jesus to take full charge of your character and daily lifestyle? Then ask Him to lead you to a church family where you can learn to live Jesus’ right, successful way. Remember, it is only together with our spiritual family and team that any of us can finish our race well—more like Jesus. Just Think a Minute…

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