Survival skill

Think a minute…It’s truly amazing how the Jewish people have survived after thousands of years of being slaves, persecuted, and even attempted genocide when Hitler’s Nazi’s murdered 6 million Jews! That’s why in 1934, Germany was the wrong place to be a Jew.

When Hitler’s teenage gangs took over his village the little Jewish boy, Heinz, was just 11 years old.

Heinz’s parents taught their children how important it was to learn self-control. With the Nazi gangs terrorizing their village on the streets daily, Heinz’s parents knew that just one moment of losing control of their anger against their Nazi rulers could mean the death of their family.

So Heinz learned to stay out of their way, sometimes crossing the street or taking a different road home. 

But one day, young Heinz was finally cornered by one of Hitler’s bullies. For the first time, Heinz was forced to talk to a Nazi youth. But by staying calm and carefully choosing his words, Heinz surprised even himself when he talked his way out of trouble and convinced this bully not to hurt him but to let him go.

That day, Heinz discovered his survival skill of talking and reasoning with others. It was a major turning point that changed his life—and later changed the world.

After a few years, Heinz’s family escaped from Germany and moved to America. But Heinz never forgot how to talk with people and help bring peace between enemies. You see, that 11-year-old boy who had negotiated his first peace settlement with a Nazi bully, later became one of the greatest ambassadors of peace in the world.

You’ve probably heard of him…not as Heinz…but by his American name:  Henry Kissinger, the former U. S. Secretary of State.

Think a Minute…

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