Stop worrying, keep working harder

Problems make us stronger.

Silao Ikeasio from the village of Solosolo knows this.

He says anxiety can only lead to depression and sadness.

Speaking to the Village Voice team yesterday, Silao said when some people face problems, they only worry.

Silao, 59, spends most of his time working hard on his plantation to take care of his family. 

“Right now, our sole income is from the kids overseas,” he said.

“I work the plantation to have some extra cash and for small things around the home but overseas is where we depend mostly for money.”

But he is also worried. 

 “I don’t think depending overseas is going to last because I understand they too are working for their living. 

“So right now, if we get help from overseas we are happy and thankful but I don’t pressure them for money anymore.” 

Silao said even the plantation does not earn as much money.

“The plantation earnings nowadays is quite different from the olden times.  

“If you see the Fugalei market you will notice a competition between the farmers. 

“The whole area is covered with people selling taro and fruits of their lands. That’s because the plantation has become a sole income for most Samoans and that’s why we are not making much. The market is flooded in terms of supply.”

But he said he won’t get tired of doing it. 

“The thing is, no matter how little I get from the plantation, I know that it’s honest money and a reward of your own sweat.  

“Honest work is the best type of work.”

Silao believes that God only helps those who help themselves.

“Both prayer and hard work are required to go together; we can’t have one and not the other.” he said.  

“We can’t just pray and ask for things to be given to us. We need to work towards what we want and need.  

“I don’t brag about what I do but it’s the truth. I have a plantation that my family relies on when we don’t have any money; it’s another source of food for my family. 

“When it comes to my work, I always put in the best.”

He went on to say with everything in life, there are challenges. One such challenge is water. 

“We have water but it only runs during the day,” he said. 

“The water only runs when its 5 or 6 in the morning. This is not right, especially when we have elderly parents at home and we need water during the night time as well. 

To help Silao and his family, he can be contacted on 7252030.

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