Miss Samoa Pageants: Love them or hate them?

19 August 2017, 12:00AM

The Miss Samoa Pageant is billed as an event much more than simply a parade of physical attractiveness. There is a strong emphasis on confidence, culture, individual talent and general knowledge. Lizzy Hunt asked people to share their opinions about the pageant:


Sione Mika, 19, Afiomalu

Being a teenager enables me to enjoy different things in life, and being a guy, we like different guy things like games, hanging out, movies and girls. So even though beauty contests aren’t a guy thing, they’re still really enjoyable to watch. 

I have watched so many Miss Samoa pageants and the best part I like watching are the fashions, the different styles of clothing especially the swimming suits, they look cute in swimming suits. If i have a chance to go watch the Miss Samoa pageant I will go. If not then I’ll just watch it on TV.


Noa Tavita, 24, Vaiusu

I have always liked the beauty contest and all the beautiful young women who participate each year in order to reveal someone worthy of the crown for the Miss Samoa pageant. 

I have always watched them on TV instead of going to live shows and getting to meet a real beauty contest competitors. If I had the chance to go and watch I’d definitely go but I’ll be expecting someone with perfect hair, perfect beauty and someone who is worthy of that Miss Samoa crown.


Liotofa Peii, 22, Salelologa 

I think beauty contestants aren’t really a guy thing but I’ve watched them more often on TV and I have enjoyed a lot about their show. 

For example my favorite part is when each competitor gets to show their magnificent talents and the fashion show. 

I think the reason why these girls join the competition is to prove the real beauty of a Samoan and to promote culture clothing, language and more. I know if I do get the chance to go watch the event next month, I would never miss it.


Hanievan  Dulnuan, 33, Lalovaea

I’ll definitely go watch the beauty contest and I really support it. I think the Miss Samoa pageant is a great opportunity for Samoa to showcase its cultural identity on the world stage and disregard the cons. 

But as a whole it’s good because it will boost tourism in the country. To put it simply, the pageant is not only about displaying the beauty of its people, but also the place as well as its culture.


Wilson Mataeliga, 21, Afiamalu

For me, if we have this beauty contest, I know for sure I will go, because I do like these kinds of shows. Although it’s not really a guy thing but I really enjoy the interviews where the contestants are asked questions and they answer. 

I think mainly why these people join the beauty contest is to promote some of our cultural traditions such as clothing and talent. If I can’t make it to the live show, I’ll just watch it on TV.


Luna Gautolu, 16, Faleula

I don’t really like the idea of pageants or even watching them so I don’t think I would ever want to go watch this event. 

Even though I am a girl. I would always stick around doing normal chores, going to school every day and watching movies. But best of luck to all the competitors.


19 August 2017, 12:00AM

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