We’re protesting because of what again?

Dear Editor, 

Re: Millions march against Trump

You mean, a continuation of what’s already happening in the U.S.? Who do you think is running this country? Trump put C.E.O.s, whom we all know, while Hillary would have gone the way of Obama and picked those who are “affiliated” with Wall Street. They either come from Goldman Sachs or Citigroup... same difference.

And isn’t it rich, these “capitalists” leading and highlighting this march to protest against “capitalism.” Wow! People need to wake up and pick their fights better. 

You cannot fight capitalist this way because it’s bigger than any of the participants put together. It’s a waste of time and people energy. I don’t want to hear any more Bernie speeches or Michael Moore bantering or Ashley Judd’s babbling poem that make no sense or Madonna’s raunchy sewer mouth vomit about things that impact her in no way.....what the hell do they know? 

It’s like the politicians who decry poverty and purport to “feel your pain” then go home to their mansions and safe neighborhoods. Come on people! 

Stop participating in these corporotist sponsored rallies disguised as “women’s issues” etc protests. You’re being used!

Pick your fights wisely. Ones that immediately impact your lives now and in the future. And quit with trying to fight “Capitalist.” Do they even know what that means? No really! Hit the issues at home where it truly matters.

Protest the criminals in Flint Michigan responsible for the poisoning and contaminating the drinking water for it’s people.

Protest the senseless wars we’ve perpetrated and exacerbated in the middle east and the Baltic region. The closure of G.I.T.M.O.

Protest the politicians who refuse to repeal the Patriot Act, which stripped Americans of their constitutional rights. I will bet my last dollar, 90% of the those in that march don’t know Obama repealed Habeas Corpus....allowing your unwarranted arrest and indefinite detainment at “their say so.”

Protest the militarization of our local police forces. This particular program goes on as we speak, undetected by the “knuckleheads” in this march, but will soon realize it when these protests get out of hand and the local police appear in “military” style assault force.

Protest the fact, we give Israel billions of dollars and yet our schools are in shambles, many continue to go bankrupt due to unaffordable medical care...oh and the fact millions of Americans cannot afford healthcare period!

Trump is not doing anything different from what Obama or any other President, whether they have an R or D after their name. 

Trump’s misfortune is he’s “Trump,” so his every move is being scrutinized just because he’s not the usual “politician,” and is a loose cannon who owes no allegiance to the other elitists. The people he has surrounded himself with are his elite friends, the same gene pool Hillary would have picked her Cabinet from. 

But we’re protesting this... because why again? SMH!


Stella M.

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