Timing is everything

Re: Many questions about air transport 

If the signs align according to the P.M.’s crystal ball of where the curvature of the crossing over of the new cycle in business is the right timing, then I wouldn’t argue with the P.M. on this notion.

Men with inspired sixth sense can make things happen by making such bold move in time of questionable irrelevancy.

Timing is everything. If the infrastructure of Samoa (Airport) is finally completed to suit it’s main goal of becoming a main hub for the Tourist Industry, then I think the P.M. is hedging his bets on this success for Samoa to capitalize of once again owning an international fleet of airplanes to reap the rewards of an emerging market under the loco of Polynesian Airlines once again. Only this time, it will be a success story.

But first and foremost, we need to eradicate corruption within the government. No one should be allowed to travel free on this new venture. Even the politicians that travel on govt. assignments should pay their fair share if we want this venture to be successful.

Business is business, otherwise forget about the whole thing and get back to same old way of doing things as usual.

I want I direct flight from L.A. to Apia once a week and I will bring in Tourist to show off our beautiful shores. “The first impression is the last impression.” Having a tour guide on hand from the beginning to the end for the ultimate experience is the key to success. I can promote and bring in droves of people that are eager to know more about our fascinating culture.

This new age of bridging the gap of unconditional consciousness to understand other cultures and to bring them as one. Assimilation without fear and to live harmoniously with each other is the key to live in a Utopian society if there is such thing.

It’s possible if we can tap within ones conscious to know who we are and why it’s vitally important to know thyself. Love and respect is the underpinnings of who we are as Samoans, the people of the SUN. Love that radiates from the solar plexus of the HEART.



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