Couple celebrate honeymoon in Samoa

By Nefertiti Matatia 20 April 2018, 12:00AM

Newly-weds Nick Feast and Rhianna Laybourn are celebrating their honeymoon in Samoa.

They’ve been courting for 10 years and were lucky enough to win a trip to Samoa, allowing them a chance for a romantic getaway. 

The couple from Hamilton, New Zealand, arrived on Wednesday. 

It’s Rhianna’s second time in Samoa. She came here when she was a little girl with her family because her parents taught at Vaipouli College, Savai’i. 

For a honeymoon destination in the South Pacific, Samoa would always be their first choice.

“We would come to Samoa even without having to win a trip. This is Nick’s first time here and he has been to Rarotonga and New Caledonia, but so far no other island could be compared to Samoa.

“We are really happy to spend our honeymoon here in Samoa. It definitely feels like we are on a holiday in paradise, we really do enjoy it,” said Rhianna.

Nick adds there is a big difference between Samoa and Rarotonga, not just the landscape, but also the transportation of tourists.

“Rarotonga is a lot smaller than Samoa. We had a shuttle straight to the resort, which made it very easy coming from one place to another. I would not say there is anything missing in tourism so far.

“I got a sim card from Digicel, it was really easy and it just worked. Not like in Rarotonga. So that is something I do not have to worry about being here, it is really cool.”

Rhianna explained: “It is not commercialized. Here everything is just very natural. We personally do not want to go to for example Hawaii, which is actually a tropical island, but it is more cities. It is quite nice here.

“We really appreciate that here is not that commercialised,” she added.

For Rhianna, returning to Samoa has brought back fond memories of her parents and their experience in Samoa.

And this time, her husband has got a chance to feel the culture and the friendliness of the locals.

“We had some nice chats with the staff, it was interesting talking to the taxi driver, and we passed the Apia Stadium so he spoke about the rugby games. It was quite cool having that conversation.

“It was raining and he was driving us around and showed some things and shared about his life story. And this how we learn more about the culture and it is through the people.”

They plan to rent a car and drive around the island before bid their farewell. 

“We are going to check out the national park, sliding rocks and on Friday (today) we will get up early and hop on a ferry to Savaii. We are going to stay one day there.”

They will be back for more adventures in Samoa.

By Nefertiti Matatia 20 April 2018, 12:00AM

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